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California Landlord's Legal Resources

         California Landlord's Legal Resources has been on-line since 1996 and has helped thousands of California Landlord's navigate the sometimes complicated California Landlord-Tenant Laws.  Not just evictions, but the small obscure laws that you may not be aware of.  For instance there are laws requiring you to post notices on your rental property, or include them in you lease and Rental Agreements. 

       These laws are unique to California Landlords and the Generic




sites, such as Nolo attempt to cover the laws of all states and fail to provide the forms that are not provided by the State, such as the "Notices to Quit".

     If you find yourself in the position that you must serve a Notice to terminate a tenancy, and to actually evict your tenant then you will find all you need on our site.

You'll learn the following:

  • When to serve a Notice and what Notice to serve.
  • How to complete and serve the Notice.
  • How and when to prepare the court forms.
  • Which court to file your complaint in.
  • How to take a default judgment if the tenant doesn't answer the complaint.
  • How to set your case for trial if the tenant answers the complaint.
  • How to prepare for the trial.
  • What documents to present to the court and what to say?
  • How to cross-examine your tenant regarding issues of Habitability or offers to pay rent.
  • How to prepare the judgment, and obtain the writ of execution.
  • How to get the Sheriff to remove the tenant.
  • What not to do after you get your judgment.
  • What to do with property left on the premises
  • What to do about the security deposit.

California laws aren't difficult, however, the slightest error will result in loss of time, effort, and most importantly, MONEY.  Most of the time you, as an owner or manager of rental property, need information regarding notices, and leases, and on that rare occasion evictions, but don't want to spend money on a call to an attorney.

     You get all you need for $9.95 per month
         California Landlord's Legal Resources  at Legal Line provides all of the notices you will need, together with information on each form's use. As a further aid to you we provide eviction forms, landlord notices, the evictions notice form complies with all counties in California and as a member you get access to all of these forms, and instructions regarding their use and completion.

California Landlord's aid for Evictions

         California Landlord's Legal Resources is the smart avenue for Landlords.  You may ask, "is an attorney necessary to evict my tenant?"

         The answer is no. If you are a sole proprietorship, or just operating under a fictitious name.  Tenants keep asking about their rights, but landlord rights are important also. We lead you through the law regarding evictions forms, and notices and form requirements of California. The landlord tenant law and Unlawful Detainer Code is exacting but not difficult. With access to the proper notice forms, and instructions on how to complete the forms, and process them, you should not need to incur the costs of an attorney, or a paralegal to give your tenants proper  notices, and to complete an unlawful detainer.

   Got a tenant living in your home that you want to get rid of?  We have the answer and you can do it without going to court, and without paying any money.

   Evictions on line


California Self Help Evictions at Landlord's Legal Line is an "ON-LINE" manual, dedicated to landlord rights, designed and written by a California Attorney with 35 years experience in California Unlawful Detainer, and Landlord-Tenant Law. He has filed thousands of cases, and has noticed a trend toward do it yourself landlords. With that in mind, and further by noticing landlords struggle to represent themselves in court, he decided to put the proper forms and instructions on their computers. Landlord's Legal Line will lead you through the California, Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) process, helping you step by step through the Eviction Notices, through the filing and service of the complaint, and in the preparation for trial. After you have obtained judgment, you will be guided though the possession process, and the collection process. You will be provided with all of the Judicial Council Forms that are necessary to obtain a Judgment for Possession of your property, and for a Money Judgment.  It should be mentioned that books on Calfornia Unlawful Detainer, and forms are only helpful if you purchase a new book every time the Unlawful Detainer law and forms change. On our site the forms and instructions are kept current, so you never need to worry about outdated forms or law.

         At California Self Help Evictions, through Legal Line the forms are fillable on line, using the OMNIFORM (exe) or Adobe Acrobat format. Unlike a book, there is no tearing of pages, and typing of forms. These forms print out ready to file with the court. If a form is changed, then it will be changed on the internet, so the next time you need it, you will find it to be current. If you haven't seen the forms, then take some time now and download the Internet Filler Form, and review the sample forms listed below.

This site has local eviction forms, landlord Notices under the name of your county.

There are 4 levels of membership to Landlord's Legal Line


  • Access Membership, $79.95; per year  

    Access membership is available at $19.95 per month at

  • E-Mail Membership $225.00;  per year
  • Associate Membership $350.00; per year

    The Access membership is for the landlords who want to represent themselves, those hardy DO IT YOURSELFERS, who don't need attorney help, but like current information and fillable forms.

   The E-Mail members on the other hand, are Landlords, who, on occasion needs to email an attorney for advise.

   The Associate members have access to the attorney by phone and e-mail for full consultations on Landlord Tenant Matters.

   All Members have full access to the tutorials, notices, and California Judicial Council evictin forms. These forms are kept current, and include the summons, the complaint, judgments, writs, request to enter default and much more. These forms are fillable on your COMPUTER and are in Omniform and Adobe Acrobat formats.

Unlike a book on how to do it our information is not generic, it is always timely, and accurate. If a form is changed we change with it.



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