California Rent Control

The State of California has no Rent control, that’s not to say that some in the legislature haven’t been trying to implement it State wide for many years.  We’ll let you know if it should ever occur.
In the mean time these are the rent control districts in the State.
Not all rental housing, however, within a rent-controlled city is subject to rent control. Under state law, property that was issued a certificate of occupancy after February 1, 1995 is exempt from rent control. (CC § 1954.52.)
Also,  new construction is exempt in most rent control cities if it was built after the effective date of the ordinance. Most cities also exempt owner occupied buildings with four (or sometimes three or two) units. A few cities also exempt “luxury units” that rent for more than a certain amount. And as of January 1, 1999, all tenancies for single-family homes and most condos are exempt under state law if the tenancy began after January 1,1996. Furthermore, government-subsidized tenancies are exempt from rent control, with Berkeley as the lone exception.  Each and every one of them is different.