California Landlords and Pets and Water Beds


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Landlords may refuse to rent to any tenant with a pet except properly trained dogs of any one of the protected disability classes of tenants. These tenant groups are the blind, visually handicapped, deaf or physically disabled {Civil. Code Sec. 54.1} A landlord may not charge an additional security deposit for such qualified dogs

{Civil. Code Sec. 54.2} New law on the horizon may include senior citizen tenants keeping pets in certain public housing programs.


Landlords may not refuse to rent or continue to rent to tenants, with waterbeds or liquid filled furniture, who are residing in any structure built after 1972. Landlords are protected and have the right to be present at the time of waterbed installation to inspect for the proper installation, require minimum waterbed component standards, including conformity to the floor weight load limits of the local building code and most importantly require the tenant show proof of insurance for a minimum amount of $100,00.00 {Civil. Code Sec. 1940.5}.